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Eat This: GAPCo's Wild Turkey Pizza and Cranberry-Habanero Wings

Simplicity and innovation have, so far, seemed to be a winning recipe for Greenville Avenue Pizza Company. It's reliable pizza whether you’re sticking to the basics or going overboard with toppings (don’t skip the pizza crack), but there's a lot of fun in seasonal creations. Their latest dishes are a nod to the holidays: Wild turkey pizza and cranberry-habanero wings, both available through the end of January.

“We started this a couple months ago,” says Phil Bossart, creative director at GAPCo. “We run the specials about two months long. We always partner with another business.”

Don’t let the habanero deter you — the cranberry-habanero wings aren’t necessarily hot, at first. But keep eating them and the heat will eventually kick in. The sauce is thick, but not as sweet as you’d think it would be for cranberry. They're nice, with a hint of naughty.

As for the pie, the wild turkey pizza is a Kent Rathbun creation made with smoked turkey from One90 Smoked Meats, Gruyere, house-made Alfredo sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach and prosciutto. And it wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t served with a house cranberry sauce. Sweet tooth or not, putting a few drops on your slice is a must.

“I’m not a mushroom or onions or spinach guy, but when it all comes together, especially with the cranberry sauce, it works so well,” Bossart says. “It’s something that I eat regularly now. And the Gruyere cheese takes it to another level.”

Both GAPCo locations are serving up these seasonal specials through Jan. 31.



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